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Eons of War grand strategy arrives in September

eons of war grand strategy arrives in may linux mac windows games

Eons of War fast paced grand strategy arrives in September for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since Vasinov Games already released the Beta in December. Which looks like it’s going well. According to the more recent Steam update.

Eons of War has you taking control of an advanced civilization. Doing so in an ever changing galaxy. Where you collect star energy. Mine asteroids and expand the population. While growing your economy. Building energy spheres, harvesters and ringworlds.

Experience a new take on the 4X space strategy genre. Eons of War in includes fast battles. Without annoying micromanagement. So now you can forget about hexagons. Now you can build hyperlanes directly to other stars. As long as you have enough energy.

So, every time you finish a turn in Eons of War. One million years passes by. This means you get to witness stars. Also natural lifecycles with blue giants going supernova. Then turning into black holes. As well asteroid fields depleting. And new stars being born.

Eons of War Gameplay (Linux, Mac and Windows)

The most recent Eons of War update has a lot of small changes. This also improves the gaming experience.
First, this arrives for Races. So when the player captures a location. The population race stays the same. But to change the race at A location. You’ll have to go to the population manager. Also another new feature. Then manually convert it to a new race.

This process also comes at a cost. Some amount of energy is required. During the switch, you only end up with 70% of the original population.
So if two locations have different races. Then you can’t transfer population easily between the two. Since every transfer comes with a 50% population cut.

Also, now there are new mechanics in Eons of War. The AI quality has been on a decline, so it has an overhaul. One of the bigger changes. The AI is now more aware of supernovae.
The AI has also a lot better at transferring minerals. The locations that are in dire need of minerals. Now have a better chance of receiving them from neighbours. A plus for space stations that can’t generate minerals.

To sign up for the Eons of War Beta join the official Discord Group. Then go to the #Steam-Keys channel. Wwhere you’ll find info to sign up. Since the second phase of the grand strategy Beta arrives at the end of April. Private message Vasily Vasinov.

The games Beta will be available on Steam for Linux, Mac, Windows. The release is coming in September. Without a specific release date yet. Priced somewhere around $15-25 USD.

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