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Epic's Unreal Engine Marketplace open to share game assets

Unreal Engine Marketplace open to buy and sell game assets

Epic has officially launched the #UnrealEngineMarketplace, allowing subscribers to Unreal Engine 4 to #buy and sell community-created game assets from a single, central location.

The UE4 marketplace opens its doors with a bucketload of both paid-for and free content, ranging from ready-made environments to props, sounds, characters. and materials. The thinking is people can create their own content and sell it to other users for use in their games, opening a whole marketplace for developers to share items, while also giving an opportunity for new users to snap up pre-made building blocks for their projects.

Unreal Engine Marketplace open to buy and sell game assets-2

What you see today on the new Marketplace is only the beginning,” explains Epic. “We’ll continue to add our own Epic-created content, such as complete projects, showcases, demos and tutorials that you can use for learning and for your own projects. In the coming weeks and months you’ll see plenty of updates, new features and new content releases.

Content creators will be entitled to 70% of the profits from each sale, so there’s plenty of opportunity there to make a cheeky buck. All off the assets bought can be used as-is or modified to suit a game’s needs. Previously only the domain of the big-time developers, the latest Unreal Engine is available to license now for just $19 per month, and you can check out more details here.

In addition Epic has also announced that Unreal Engine 4 is now free to use for colleges and universities and can be provided free of charge to students, so get hassling if you’re still studying. Any would-be game developers on GD looking to take advantage of Epic’s game engine? Let us know!

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