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Epitasis a gorgeous sci-fi puzzle game

epitasis a gorgeous sci fi puzzle games for linux mac windows

Epitasis stunning new sci-fi puzzle games coming to Windows, Mac but no Linux. So we reached out to developer Epitasis Games. With some interesting news. Since Linux is the only platform not supported on Steam.

Epitasis the sci-fi exploration puzzle game. Where players explore and ancient alien civilization. Which looks really stunning. So we reached out to the developer. Only to discover more good news for the game.

Linux Support:

Epitasis uses Unreal Engine 4. At the moment, we’re focusing on launching for Windows and Mac. But Linux is a possibility too after May 1st.”

It seems we also face an uphill climb for Linux. Since the games launch will arrive May 1st on Mac and Windows. So this means no native port. But at least Linux is a solid possibility. Which means again, Wishlisting on Steam. And quite honestly, Epitasis looks like a game worth playing.
And at release, I think Proton support will be possible. Most Unreal Engine 4 titles do work. But a native port would be far better.

So now after 3 years of development. Epitasis the sci-fi exploration puzzle game is ready. Where players explore the ruins of an alien world. One that is also quite vivid and complex.
Also the trailer gameplay resembles a Portal vibe. Including a rather strong dystopian feel. Where machine life still exists. Long past the departure of the alien life forms. Giving off a strong Talos Priniple feel. Check it out.

Epitasis Official Trailer (Windows, Mac, hopefully Linux)

Having discovered an ancient portal. Players you take a leap of faith. And suddenly you are amidst the remnants of an ancient alien civilization. Cryptic puzzles and vibrant technologies. And also treasured relics scattered around. Plus a beautiful wilderness that has overgrown the remains of this fallen race.

If you are to learn their secrets. You must unearth the fate of the civilization. The one that called these lost worlds home.
Epitasis is that sci-fi exploration puzzle. While you explore this far off distant world.

Epitasis launches May 1st, 2019. Releasing on Windows and Mac. It will be available on Steam and Priced at $19.99 USD, with a 10% launch discount. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam for Linux.

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