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Escape Simulator brings a Treasure Island

escape simulator brings a treasure island update to the game on linux mac and windows pc

Escape Simulator brings a Treasure Island update to the game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The vibrant and deep world is the outcome of the tireless effort and dedication of the talented team at Pine Studio. Available on both Steam and Humble Store.

Escape Simulator has some exciting news. Pine Studio just launched a free new adventure called the Treasure Island update. It’s all about pirates and finding hidden treasures.

Escape Simulator now has a new room. This isn’t just any room, though. It’s a pirate-themed island full of mysteries waiting to be solved. The dev team already has this as a part of their plans that they shared few weeks ago. They also outline that we’ll soon be able to play the game in VR too. Although I’m curious how the game will run on Linux. Since this will allow players to feel as though they’re actually standing on a beach, trying to escape from a tropical island.

Along with the new Escape Simulator room, you get a new pirate wardrobe as well. There’s an eye patch, a fancy pirate hat, and a unique outfit. Everything you need to look like a true treasure hunter as you find your way out from the island’s hidden mysteries. This new wardrobe will also be coming soon to the Room Editor. So you can add them to your own designs and make your own sandy island adventure.

Now, if you’ve never tried Escape Simulator, there’s more good news. You can get the main version of the experience for 25% less on Steam. The special Collector’s Edition, and the Wild West and Steampunk extra content, plus the soundtrack are all discounted by 10% until June 29th. Even more good things are coming up in the Steam Summer Sale.

Escape Simulator: Treasure Island update

Pine Studio’s Treasure Island update is one of two new rooms they are planning to release this summer. So, there’s even more to look forward to.

In Escape Simulator, you’ll be solving mind-bending puzzles. Each puzzle is in a unique room at a different location. Such as the ancient Labyrinth of Egypt, lost in space, the grand Edgewood Mansion, the future tech Omega Corporation, the magical Steampunk Airship, the wild Wild West, and the genius Leonardo’s Workshop.

Here’s the best part – you can join friends on Linux and work together to solve these puzzles. Each Escape Simulator puzzle is made to let you play with your friends. Teamwork is key to escape from these exciting places.

You also have the chance to make your own dream escape room using the Room Editor. Other players have already created over 3,000 custom rooms. Maybe you could create the next top-rated one?

Escape Simulator lets you wear silly hats, and customize your character with themed outfits fitting each puzzle’s setting. You can really get into character with your friends.

And remember, in Escape Simulator, everything that isn’t stuck to the floor can be picked up. So, you can toss vases, rearrange furniture, and just let loose. And, always aim at your friends if you want to add some chaos to your escape mission. The new Treasure Island update is available free to players via both Steam (priced at $11.24 USD / £9.74 / 11,24€ with the 25% discount) and Humble Store. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Plus the game is already Steam Deck Verified.

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