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Eselmir and the Five Magical Gifts release

eselmir and the five magical gifts linux support via steam games release 2017

Eselmir and the Five Magical Gifts introduced in 2017 for Mac and Windows, could see a Linux build later via Steam?
Since the games really a 2D point and click adventure game. Stelex Software takes inspiration from old classics of the genre. But not without facing a few development challenges along the way.

Linux support:

“The game engine we used is Visionaire Studio. Unfortunately the version we have (3.7) supports only PC and Mac.

We’d love to work on a Linux version of “Eselmir and the five magical gifts” but we first need to buy the licence for the newer versions of the game engine (that is expensive at the moment).”

Of course the games success plays into the coming port as well. Since most developers obviously weigh in cost factors for licensing. Which is no exception here as well. So this could mean either people take interest in the studios debut title or not.
The art style seems similar to that of say Sundered. With actual inspiration taken from text and drawings of a young talented Swiss writer, Sebastiano B. Brocchi.

The story follows Eselmir and his journey. While he works to find the five magical lost gifts of King Theoson. Also leading the player to explore and study an imaginary world in detail. An atypical and elegant fantasy made up of stories within the story. One involving another.

Eselmir and the five magical gifts 2017 Teaser (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Stelex Software, a small, independent software company located in Switzerland. Eselmir and the Five Magical Gifts will also be released on January 12th, 2018. A simultaneous launch for both PC and Mac. While crowning several years of work by a tiny but passionate 2-person team.

“Our main goal,” says Stefano Maccarinelli, game designer and co-founder of Stelex Software, “was to give to the players a rich, substantial and highly satisfying narrative experience that people don’t often see in a videogame, especially in the indie scene. We put a lot of effort into the game design in order to flawlessly and smoothly integrate the storytelling into the gameplay. We are very happy with the results. The game offers a very deep, emotional and long story (15+ hours of gameplay) filled with mystery, mysticism and magic in an original blend of fairy tales which were inspired by ancient mythology and medieval folklore.”

Steam games release:

Eselmir and the five magical gifts is launching on Mac and Windows via Steam. The games Linux release will hopefully follow. Of course Stelex hope for a successful launch.

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