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Espiocracy has a new development update

espiocracy espionage grand strategy game has a new development update for linux mac windows pc

Espiocracy espionage grand strategy game has a new development update for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This is once again due to the ongoing support of developer Ex Vivo Studios. Due to make its way on Steam and GOG.

Hooded Horse is eager to share a new developer diary from Ex Vivo Studios for Espiocracy. Which is their grand strategy game that focuses on espionage, intelligence, and the Cold War. The 35th development update takes a closer look at the main campaign map. Which is also taking inspiration from old CIA maps from the period.

Espiocracy will see you manage operations, budgets, and staff across a variety of nations. All with different geopolitical and socioeconomic fates. Work in service of a rookie nation, a superpower, or an independence movement. Doing so using unique abilities, diverse tactics, and ruthless cunning. All due to overcoming tragedy in a time of great tech and political change.

Espiocracy – Announcement Trailer

While the addition of states is a careful process, Espiocracy includes more content. Along with as many territories, enclaves, and islands as possible in the narrow development time. At the time of writing, there are 193 islands in Espiocracy. These give very visible geographical approach to the Cold War. Rangin from SIGINT designs to Argentina invading the Falklands. Or even the USA invading Grenada.

You can read the full diary on the Steam page. This also goes into more detail as to how the Espiocracy world is rendered. Doing so on the game’s start date – March 5, 1946, the day of Winston Churchill’s iconic ‘Iron Curtain’ speech. Outposts and colonies are present in-game. As are most organised states from the time period that match the statehood criteria of Montevideo Convention. It’s already a plan that every nation will be playable at the start date.

The dev diary also provides insights into how the game will handle alt-history outcomes. Also the evolution of borders across a typical playthrough. Espiocracy is scheduled to release in 2023 on Steam and GOG. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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