ESSENCE atmospheric adventure coming to Linux

essence atmospheric adventure coming to linux on early access in gaming news

Right now in gaming news, the #firstperson #exploration adventure Essence is coming to Linux. Hence this #nonviolent made a debut on Steam Early Access last week for Mac and Windows PC.

Hence the story takes place in a world forgotten by time and space. Emerging out of the gloom and reaching out to be explored. Where player can unravel its secrets and see beneath the beautiful surface. Waiting with adventures, inspiring landscapes, the thoughts of another dimension. While also having a secret about the truth of Essence.

So players wake up with no memory, information or detail about your life. Including no details about the world you are in.
Therefore in order remember your abilities, they hidden in ancient structures. All while challenging your mind with unusual puzzles.
So wonder freely through these lands and beyond to find yourself. Discover the truth, the past and the future of places.

Linux release?

Since this all sounds all rather spiritual, developer OneVision Games ran into an issue. Hence the Linux build was delayed, “We will have a working build on Steam by next week.”

Essence Early Access Trailer:

So obviously gaming is about exploring the different worlds of Essence. All while collecting lost fragments of the world as well as discovering secret places and mysterious messages. Which also means solving puzzles and learning new abilities to take on hidden paths. So the further you go the more you interact with the world and its surroundings.

The gaming experience has a narration. While combining messages from different characters and diverse storytelling. By uncovering all these places and messages, the player uncovers an interwoven conclusion to the story.

So according to our email from OneVision Games, “Generally Essence will be launched in 3 big acts. So Steam purchases will allow you can play all 3 acts of Essence once they are available.”

Essence is full of wonder all it’s own. Available now on Steam Early Access for Mac and Windows PC. Hence the Linux release, as stated above is coming next week. We should have more news for you shortly.

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