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Estranged: Act II Linux build releases

estranged act II games linux windows build releases

Estranged: Act II releases the Linux and Windows build on Steam. Thanks to developer Alan Edwardes for the fine work. The games available Free. Plus the Steam reviews are looking good too, 88% Very Positive.

Estranged: Act II follows the story of a fisherman. Since he is stranded on a mysterious island. Naturally due to a violent storm.
So the game continues after the events of Estranged: Act I. Follow our hero’s adventure in a search for a way to get home.

Therefore, it up to you. Experience what the island has in store as you. While uncovering the secretive Arque Corporation. Now burrowing ever deeper into their dangerous and haphazard operations.

So now Estranged: Act II has a live build for Linux and Windows. This also includes new infected, content and various improvements. As well as tweaks to gameplay. To explore the newer content which introduces the new enemy. This also provides the story background, about how they got there. Just head over to Chapter 3 (or use the cheat map TheBase#sp07 to jump directly there).
There’s also a little more content to accompany the current ending. This welcomes back a familiar story element.

Cheats Auto-Complete The cheat entry box. This is available inn the Extras menu, now auto-completes. So this allows you to see a list of cheats up-front. Start typing “map” or “spawn” to show a full list of cheats.

Estranged: Act II Trailer (Linux, Windows)


Other Changes:

  • Jumping up on surfaces is now animated. Previously it looked as if the player was teleported
  • It’s no longer possible to bypass picking up the pickaxe in the mind
  • The pickaxe now breaks in the sewer level. So this makes the chase scene feel more dangerous. And the pickaxe can now deal damage to infected characters later in the game
  • Water footstep sounds in Estranged: Act II. Walking in water now has more ambient noise
  • In the warehouse horde, the infected corpses are now cleaned up
  • The rubber ducks in the prelude level now float upright!

Estranged: Act II releases Free on Linux and Windows. The games also in Early Access. For more details, check out the Discord community. So if you’d like to chat with other Estranged players. Or give feedback directly to the developer.

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