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Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets a Special Transport

euro truck simulator 2 special transport dlc linux mac windows games steam

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a new DLC called Special Transport for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. The games new DLC reviews are Overwhelmingly Positive. So if you are a fan, this is a solid yet affordable new content.

Only the most skilled and also experienced truck drivers are called upon. Since this is for those Special Transport jobs. The new DLC will also challenge players. Since you get to experience super-sized cargoes. So this in both length and width exceeding standard cargo regulations.

Also, driving through tight passages requires millimeter-precision maneuvering. Since the routes will be the security of two escort vehicles. They will also guide the driver through the transport job. From its start to the place of delivery. The player also has to obey the escort vehicles. Taking advice and a carefully watch of every inch of the road. Delivering the cargo in pristine condition.

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Special Transport DLC Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Special Transport DLC Features:

  • 11 huge cargoes (up to 70 tons, 6 m width, 5+ m height and 20+ m length)
  • 4 new special trailers
  • Unique job routes for the Special Transport. So most are in the base map, some through DLC expansions and more to come
  • Also including a combination of over 80 special transport jobs
  • Custom AI escort vehicles
  • Original intros and cutscenes related to the cargoes, jobs and places along the routes
  • New models, characters, and animations of people assisting or spectating the transport
  • curious pedestrians, journalists or transport co-workers along the routes
  • new set of warning beacons for the trucks
  • Special Transport achievements

Gameplay Features:

  • Close collaboration with AI escort vehicles
  • Enhanced AI behavior: clearing the path, stopping traffic, giving advice, pushing opposing vehicles to the side etc.
  • Possibility to Fail the given Job on the spot if you do not adhere to strict instructions or regulations
  • New checkpoints system to keep the player’s progress in a special transport job safe

Personally, that has to be a long awaited DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It just makes sense. And I want to play the new content.

The games Steam release:

So Euro Truck Simulator 2 Special Transport DLC is available now on Steam. The games new content is only priced at $4.99 USD, € 4.99, £ 3.99 for Linux, Mac, Windows.

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