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Euro Truck Simulator 2: Italia map announced

euro truck simulator 2: italia map announced linux mac windows games

SCS Software proudly announces development of a new map. Hence the Euro Truck Simulator 2: Italia map expansion coming to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam.

About Italia Map Expansion

SCS Software development team is working on the new Italia map expansion. So this an expansion will broaden the games world with maximum effort. While bringing fans SCS’s rendition of beautiful Italy. All with its rich history and modern industry.
So the map designers have fallen in love with the new region. Right from the research stages there are so many diverse environments to combine. From tall mountains to the shores of the seas. From manicured farmland to wilder and more arid places.
So it is clear that SCS Software are looking at a challenging and demanding task. Trying to depict the typical features of Italy from behind the wheel. Like roads leading through the Apennines. Where tunnels and bridges alternate with scenic vistas and curvy segments. While opening the view to distant horizons. The geography and shape of Italy have also led to a relatively high concentration of cities. As well as industries seen in the new DLC.
Hope players will be keen for the work and appreciate all the efforts. Finally showing Italy for what it is: Bella Italia!

More Content for all Euro Truck Simulator 2 Owners

The game already contains several cities from northern Italy. This area of the games world will receive an extra layer of polish to coincide with the DLC release. So even players who decide to wait with the purchase of the new DLC. Each will benefit from a partial upgrade of the game map.

Release Plan

So if everything goes according to the plan. SCS Software expect to release the Euro Truck Simulator 2 map expansion towards the end of this year. Therefore, no official release date is set. Yet the Steam page certainly outlines Linux, Mac and Windows. Which will be a day-one release as well.

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