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Europa Universalis 4 Simultaneous PC, Mac, Linux Release Date

Europa Universalis 4 Linux and Mac release date: August 13, 2013.  I love the future. Paradox is preparing for the launch of what is probably their biggest game ever, hot on the heels of what is arguably their best game ever, and it’s launching day and date on all platforms. Hard to argue with that.

The Europa Universalis 4 release date is August 13, 2013. (Image: Paradox)

The Europa Universalis 4 Mac release date will bring the first new Paradox game to Mac since the release of Crusader Kings II, which has been something of a game changer for the company and their most successful product to date. Since Crusader Kings II came out last year, Paradox has published a bunch of games from other developers, and released a lot of DLC (including the excellent Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods). But this is the first true full game release since CKII.

And trust me, Europa Universalis 4, looks very worthy of its pedigree. If you’re a longtime EU fan, you are golden: Paradox never dumbs down its sequels. But Paradox should be most concerned about its new fans, resulting from the relatively huge success of Crusader Kings II. By all accounts EU IV is going to satisfy them as well — and maybe even pull over some Brave New Worlders.

Here’s why Europa Universalis 4 Mac & Linux is going to win you over. First off, let’s be honest, if you like strategy games, you probably don’t care too much about graphics. Crusader Kings 2 looks pretty good. Brave New World looks great. But Europa Universalis 3 looks terrible, like a SNES game. It’s actually fantastic, but the look is actively detrimental. Well, EU 4 uses a revamped, prettier version of the CK2 engine, and it looks great — better than any Paradox game ever has.

Europa Universalis is the best looking Paradox game yet. (Image: Paradox)

And that’s nice, but you’re not buying Europa Universalis 4 Linux or Mac for the graphics, because if you are, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn copy of Destiny to sell you. You’re buying it for the 4X grand strategy gameplay, and EU4 certainly has that. Check out the dev diaries for a taste of both the graphics and the gameplay:

In terms of gameplay, the Europa Universalis 4 release date for Mac & Linux will not bring a total paradigm shift for Paradox. Like many of the company’s sequels, and this is by no means a bad thing, EU4 is an incremental improvement on EU3, featuring all the core concepts of the previous game, with some very substantial overhauled mechanics. But it’s not like the change from Civ4 to Civ5, where major core mechanics are removed and others added.

The particular systems most overhauled for the Europa Universalis 4 release date are trade, exploration and colonization, and National Ideas. For just about all of them, EU4 looks like an improvement over both EU3 and Crusader Kings 2. Again, the game comes out on all platforms on August 13, 2013.

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