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Europa Universalis IV demo up on Steam with Pre-Order Bonuses

Five days before the game’s official release, Paradox Interactive has released the demo for Europa Universalis IV. Windows, Mac and Linux users alike can give the game a try out now on Steam.

Some fans on NeoGAF have already posted their impressions. Paradox being notorious for their obtuse game systems, players are already lauding Europa Universalis IV for its easy to understand and navigate systems. Randomization is no longer the huge factor it was in previous games. It is now one of the significantly easier Paradox games to pick up from scratch.

As we have covered before, Paradox is offering a bevy of amazing pre-order bonuses for the game. For your convenience, we’ll roundup all the bonuses here.

Old players of Crusader Kings 2 can bring their saves over to the new game, and if you don’t have one yet, you will get a copy of Crusader Kings 2 for free. This was the most recently revealed bonus for August.

Last July, Paradox revealed the Purple Phoenix DLC. This will add new and unique events, including new themed event pictures and additional unit models to the Byzantine Empire. Paradox still hasn’t elaborated on what these events actually entail, so the Byzantine Empire is all we have to speculate on, and it’s probably a significant event in that empire’s history.

Finally, last June they announced the 100 Years War Unit Pack. adding unit models to all the armies involved in the 100 Years War. Among the eleven factions with new unit models are England, France, Scotland, and Burgundy.

As of today, you have about two weeks left to preorder the game and get all the abovementioned content. If you have an interest in Europa Universalis IV, I suggest you click on the link below immediately.

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