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Everafter Falls farming sim RPG hits Kickstarter

everafter falls farming sim rpg hits kickstarter games on linux mac and windows pc

Everafter Falls farming sim RPG hits Kickstarter games on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer SquareHusky. Having just release the crowdfunding campaign with 27 days to go.

Which is also due to raise the $25,578 USD goal (AU$ 35,000) by December 10, 2020. The Kickstarter just released and it’s already 30% funded.

The gameplay of Everafter Falls might look familiar. Since it mixes aspects of Stardew Valley / Harvest Moon / Animal Crossing. Alogn with some Action RPG elements found in the dungeons. All held together with a tightly written story.

You wake up to discover the life you previously had on Earth was nothing but a simulation. So now you have no memory of this place. And as a result, you must explore and rediscover the serene and peaceful existence you had.
Of course, while you were gone, some things have gone a little astray. Now you must find out why you are needed and what lies in store.

Letting players complete Everafter Falls at their own pace. So you will have an option to continue playing further, even after finishing the core story. But you don’t have to take on the adventure alone. Since someone else can help out in split screen co-op. With a host of quests to complete. They can help you sort out extremely important matters.

Everafter Falls Kickstarte Trailer

Everafter Falls also comes with a unique card progression system. So you can gain new abilities and upgrades by acquiring and eating Cards. That being said, common knowledge dictates the only way to absorb powers from cards is through consumption of said card.

The game also lets you have a pet. That comes with 2 basic abilities, both Dig and Water. This design decision reduces the number of tools cluttering up your inventory. While making other interesting mechanics possible.
As a result, your pet can be taught new abilities. Is your inventory full while traversing the dungeons but you don’t want to travel back to town? Send your pet to town to sell off its inventory. All while you continue exploring.

Various drones will help you automate your Everafter Falls farm. Providing support with additional inventory slots or fire power. Craft various drones to help you with farm work, fishing, and general support. Each drone can be enhanced with up to 3 Drone Parts. Which also gives them extra functionality. Such as Support Drones, which are unique in that they can be equipped and will follow you around.

This only some of what Everafter Falls has to offer. Which at first, looks like a basic game. However, the farming sim RPG crowdfunding campaign is worth back. And due to get support for games on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Also be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. Due to arrive in March 2022.

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