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Everreach: Project Eden and community support

everreach project eden and community support for linux windows pc

Everreach: Project Eden is coming to Windows PC, but needs Linux community support. Thanks to a recent reply from developer Elder Games. The games also due to release on Steam in December of this year.

Everreach: Project Eden is a sci-fi action RPG. Where you explore the newly discovered world of Eden. So that you can prepare it for humanity’s arrival. Below we have the new trailer. Introducing you to the game’s backstory and lush visuals. The action RPG will also be released this December for Windows PC and Xbox One. So naturally, we reached out for Linux support details on Steam.

Linux Support:

Though the game uses Unity 3D. It also uses a TON of custom effects and modules exclusively written for Everreach: Project Eden. All of which would need to be ported to Linux for this to work. It’s not as straightforward to port as a “vanilla” Unity 3D game.

From here we caught up with Elder Games. Hoping to delve into further rational.

The problem I see with this is that I’m the only programmer at Elder Games. I have experience porting to Linux. Depending on our success, I’m not against this.

Although this view is not expressed in the Steam Discussion. There is focus on the success of Everreach: Project Eden. But Elder Games also want to be fair to Linux users. Therefore, the developer expressed interest in seeing community support and overall demand. And rightfully so, there is obviously going to be developer investment to release a native port.
Wishlist support is already mentioned to the dev. Which is platform dependant. You can also share your Tux Love and +1.

Everreach: Project Eden – EverReach Industries Secret

So what is Everreach: Project Eden. And why much interest in such a gem. Well, this is a fast-paced, story-driven action-RPG. Which takes place on a visually stunning planet of Eden.
In Everreach, you play as Nora Harwood. Who is a member of the Everreach Corporation’s Security Division. Likewise, she is on a mission to clear the planet for colonization. And investigate recent unusual happenings on the planet’s surface.

Explore a vast alien world and descend into its depths. Discover the ancient secrets of a long forgotten civilization. Full of engaging ground combat and high speed vehicular warfare.
Along with a compelling level and skill system. Everreach immerses you in its intriguing story and diversified gameplay.

Features include:

  • Over 80 upgrades available to let you customize your skills and gear
  • Engage in fierce battles, deploy forcefields or use the environment against your foes
  • Hop onto your hoverbike to engage in high-speed vehicular warfare
  • Immerse yourself in eight hours of story — crafted by Michelle Clough, writer and former narrative QA for the Mass Effect trilogy
  • Explore Eden’s beautiful vistas designed by Mai-Anh Tran, a film artist who worked on movies such as Warcraft and Star Trek Beyond

Everreach: Project Eden is coming to Windows PC in December 2019. Whereas Linux will depend on community support going forward. So share your Tux Love and make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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