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EVERSPACE 2 Early Access begins exploration

everspace 2 early access begins exploration on windows pc with support in linux gaming coming later

EVERSPACE 2 Early Access begins exploration on Windows PC, with support in Linux gaming coming later. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer ROCKFISH Games. Available now on both Steam and GOG.

The highly anticipated space looter shooter releases. Available now via EVERSPACE 2 Early Access and GOG Games in Development. That game is also playable in English. As well as full voice acting for the first 12+ hours of the story campaign. Including several side missions taking place in the first two star systems of the final game. Since the native build is due to arrive in the first half of 2022. Linux gaming is possible using Proton 5.13-5 via Steam. And controller support even integrates well for those interested.

EVERSPACE 2 Early Access launch does include vast star systems. So there is a lot to explore with 25+ hours of exciting gameplay awaiting players. While opening pilots to space combat, mining, and puzzle solving. There is even item shopping, crafting, ship customization, and RPG style leveling. This also includes passive perks too. Topping it off with lower tier models of five different player ship subclasses.

So as pilots advance through the initial EVERSPACE 2 Early Access content. You will also be able to unlock upgrade options to improve passive skills. These include combat, looting, gear crafting, and taking gear apart. As a result, this means better ship repair and other abilities. Simply investing various resources into companion perks.

EVERSPACE 2 Early Access Release Trailer

As development continues through Early Access. The ROCKFISH Games team plans to steadily add new features and content. This will be coming with quarterly updates:

  • More star systems, locations, enemies, activities etc. (8 star systems planned for v1.0)
  • Further player ship subclasses and tiers (9 subclasses with 4 tiers each planned for v1.0)
  • Added ship customization options
  • Even more player levels (max player level 30 planned for v1.0)
  • A lot more items and resources. This means more Legendary gear in EVERSPACE 2 Early Access
  • More player perks (6 x 3 perk upgrade options planned for v1.0)
  • Including more companion characters including perks to upgrade. With 6 companions planned for v1.0
  • More challenges
  • The addition of more main and side mission story content (30+ hours of story content planned for v1.0)
  • Plus more situation type comments from Adam and Hive
  • New interesting jobs and factions
  • More alien creatures
  • Also more matural wonders like lightning fields, black holes, solar storms, etc.
  • Fast Travel system coming for EVERSPACE 2 Early Access
  • While various Outlaw factions offer different tech
  • Better trading opportunities, price tracking, trade routes
  • Quest inventory
  • Codex
  • Game difficulty setting
  • Worthwhile endgame content and activities
  • Achievements

EVERSPACE 2 Early Access is priced at $39.99 USD / €37.99 / £31.99. The space looter shooter is also available on Steam and GOG for Windows PC.
Due note that native support for Linux gaming will not release until 2022. So this means that the use of Proton will be the ideal Plan B for now.

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