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EVERSPACE 2 full release aims at Linux

everspace 2 open world space opera games full release date aims at linux with windows pc

EVERSPACE 2 open world space opera games full release date aims at Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to further details and the ongoing commitment from developer ROCKFISH Games. Which is currently available on both Steam and GOG with 81% Very Positive reviews.

After six massive content updates over two years of Early Access development. Now indiee AA developer ROCKFISH Games are eager to share their much-anticipated open world space looter-shooter, EVERSPACE 2. Due to releasing on Windows PC, April 6th, while keeping a commitment to Linux fans.

We know we have a number of excited and vocal EVERSPACE 2 Linux fans in the community. Ensuring the game is playable natively on Linux is high on our priority list. Right now, Linux support is planned for 1.0 launch. But we do want to caveat that by saying game development sometimes throws unexpected curveballs that can be difficult to field. As a small team — a lesson learned with the Linux version of the first EVERSPACE.

Overall Unreal Engine 4’s Linux support is in a much better state. And, as a team, we’re more experienced than we were with the previous launch. We are reasonably confident in hitting the EVERSPACE 2 1.0 date with Linux. But will update our Linux players through communications on Steam and Kickstarter if that changes.

ROCKFISH Games is supporting the much larger audience of EVERSPACE 2 Windows PC players. In the ROCKFISH email reply, the developer is working to keep their priorities straight. So the team will be spending the next few weeks working on that front, before shifting more focus to Linux support. So there is still a chance Linux support will arrive on day-one. And, you really have to admire ROCKFISH Games for their effort and reverence for the Linux community.

EVERSPACE 2 | V1.0 PC Release Date & Story Trailer

As the team works on adding more enemies, rewards, challenges, and catalysts. They are also adding more equipment types and attributes. Polishing cinematics, perks, customization options, new boss fights, and an all-new trading map. Along with much more ahead of the 1.0 launch. As a result, they have one last reveal: an additional Companion and another star system will be added at launch.

EVERSPACE 2 has received a significant amount of content added over the course of Early Access. The full release date is on April 6th, so mark your calender.
Likewise, ROCKFISH Games plans to raise the price of the Windows PC version on Steam and GOG. Going from $39.99 USD / £31.99 / 38.99€ to $49.99 USD / £44.99 / €49.99 on February 20. Plus the promised native Linux buid is still in the works.

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