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EVERSPACE gets a new update for Linux

everspace gets gets a new update for the games linux since windows and mac released

Since ROCKFISH Games’ are working diligently towards a full #release. Hence a new update is available for the #roguelike Unreal Engine 4 based space #shooter EVERSPACE. So now that Version 1.0 is the full release via Windows. There are still concerns regarding Linux support. Which was supposed to take place back in October.

Here’s the new update for EVERSPACE and Linux:

28 May, 2017 @ 2:15:25 am PDT

Originally posted by ♥♥♥♥:

Just out of curiosity. Does all these problems and the expected low sells going to put you off from supporting Linux with games in the future? Are you going to try another game engien? Iv heard good stuff about unity, but Im no dev and never used it.

We love working with Unreal Engine – apart from a few problems it’s a bliss – so we’re not thinking of changing engines for future projects. As Unreal Engine is constantly being worked on and improving I’m guessing the Linux support will get better. We’re also hoping that it will be better once Vulkan is officially fully supported (it was not the last time we checked – even though there were some news about it). I guess we would still look into Linux support for future projects, but I don’t think we would promise it anymore.

Originally posted by linear_control:
In what codec are the videos using for encoding? Maybe reencoding the videos for the Linux-version could solve that easily?!

I think we’ve tried a few – it’s not that big of a deal though, I guess – we’ll either find the right one or the right video player – I was just trying to give an example that adding new features can always result in new problems and that it’s not exactly going smooth.

Originally posted by linear_control
No, you can’t. Steam Hardware Survey (at least on Linux) is a joke.

You might be right, future will tell. But the Mac values are pretty spot on – so we don’t think Linux will be that far off.

Currently EVERSPACE is only available for Mac and Windows PC. With a release on both Steam and GOG. Hence the Linux port is under way, there is no official date for the games port, yet.

What do you think? Are ROCKFISH Games stalling the Linux port of EVERSPACE?