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EVERSPACE Hardcore Mode in Free Update

everspace hardcore mode arrives as free steam update linux windows games 2017

EVERSPACE players can not get into Hardcore Mode on Linux and Windows. So ROCKFISH Games now launch the Free update with a whole new challenge.

Since the indie developer launches the standalone Hardcore Mode. EVERSPACE players also get a free update to the arcadey roguelike 3D space shooter. Since this provides a brand new challenge for pilots. Well at lease who who have successfully surmounted every obstacle the game. So rather than merely being a maddening new difficulty level for the games primary story, Hardcore Mode comes in the form of a brand new, standalone experience.

everspace hardcore mode arrives as free steam update linux games screenshot

Doing away with the precious permanent ship improvements. Those unlocks from each run in the normal game mode, yeah those. Hardcore Mode runs begin with a set list of perks that will only see an upgrade. Which happens as sectors are completed. Adding to the constant sense of danger this squishiness affords. Since players will now have to chose from a series of “handicap” modifiers. This happens each time they enter a new sector. So this could be anything from fuel leaking. Combat not pausing while repairing or crafting items. Jump suppressors in every location. Even a peculiar retro game mode with visual and sound effects like it’s 1991.

This means players will have to contend with more than just their hostile surroundings. Fighting tooth and nail on their way to Hardcore Mode’s new end sector and final battle. Those who play EVERSPACE may even notice some familiar mechanics in the new final battle. Fiven fans’ passion for a gone-but-not-forgotten encounter from the game’s early days. So it wouldn’t be Hardcore Mode without a healthy number of twists.

EVERSPACE Hardcore Mode Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Whether it’s veteran pilots looking for a challenge worthy of their flight chops, or returning pilots looking to face down some space-faring punishment, EVERSPACE’s Hardcore Mode offers a fresh experience on Xbox One and Windows 10 that’s sure to keep players looking over their shoulders.

The games retail update on Steam

EVERSPACE Hard Mode is now on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games available on Steam and Humble Store.