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EVERSPACE heading to Beta tree via Steam

EVERSPACE heading to beta tree via steam games for linux

Hamburg-based indie developer ROCKFISH Games just released a major update two weeks back. Since this adds the all-new Hardcore Mode, TrackIR, and fully customizable HOTAS (joystick) support in Windows. While giving their fast-paced roguelike space shooter EVERSPACE more playability. Since the games available now on Steam and The Linux release has some delays due to game engine issues. Yet now, a recent Discussion post outlines further hope for Linux in the Beta tree:

Thanks a lot for all your kind words and your understanding!

And for a change I do have good news for you: We still have problems on AMD cards, but on NVIDIA the game is up and running again and amazingly enough it seems that on NVIDIA all graphical issues have been fixed! We playtested a bit earlier today and there were a few issues with the controls and controls customisation and we could not switch languages (which should be an easy fix) but other than that it all looked very promising.

So the plan is to first release the build “under the radar” to players who already backed or bought the game. (Without Linux support showing up on steam). I can’t give you an exact date, but I think it’s going to happen soon. Yay!

Since this means players can purchase EVERSPACE now. While hoping to participate in the Linux Beta branch soon. Since this will not be an officially listing, ROCKFISH Games are eager to test. And what better way to test than using the Linux community itself?

The EVERSPACE stand-alone Hardcore Mode offers a whole new level of challenge for veteran pilots. It is as demanding as hard difficulty, but players are not able to improve their starting conditions. Each new run starts out with the same fixed set of pilot perks and without any ship perks upgraded. Players can upgrade ship perks only at the end of each sector, provided they have collected enough credits. Hardcore Mode also introduces another nasty surprise: before entering a new sector, players must select from different “handicap” modifiers which have adverse effects on the overall gameplay, letting them choose between the frying pan or the fire.

EVERSPACE is still as fast-paced and twitchy as ever, so we still think that using the mouse and keyboard is the best way to fly. But, some of our fans have been pretty vocal about it, and we heard them loud and clear: they are finally able to use their HOTAS to pilot their space ship on their dangerous journey,” said Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games.

Since EVERSPACE is available now on Steam, and Humble Store for Windows. Expect to see the games Linux release coming soon, but “under the radar” via Steam.