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EVERSPACE roguelike finally available on Linux

everspace roguelike finally available in linux and ubuntu games

Hamburg-based indie developer ROCKFISH Games just announced native support for EVERSPACE. So as of now, the action-packed roguelike space shooter is ready to download on Steam and via Humble Store. Since the games finally available on Linux and Ubuntu. Right beside that Mac and Windows release.

Hi Todd,

We are happy to tell you that Everspace is now available for Linux.

EVERSPACE Linux Gameplay Teaser:

Since EVERSPACE takes daring space pilots on a challenging journey. This takes place through the games six sectors, each featuring multiple procedurally-generated levels full of dangers and treasures. So in each run, players face entirely new situations, continuously testing their skills. As well as their experience and talent for improvisation. With three ships with different capabilities to choose from. Along with a wide range of weapons, devices and consumables. Therefore players will use great piloting skills to stand a chance against various enemies. Along with a keen eye for loot and mineable resources. Since these are key to repairing damaged ship components or to craft new equipment. This also means modifications, giving players an advantage in combat and hopefully stay alive.

Through encounters with story characters and memory flashbacks. Players will gradually unveil the mystery behind the hero’s existence and mission. Yet in the games final sector, a multi-staged boss fight awaits. Which will provide the last piece of the campaign puzzle. In the endgame, there is one more important objective to accomplish. Which is needed to reach the final destination of the journey.

While using the cockpit displays, players are able to see the component damage overview of their ship. While also viewing information about locked targets. With this addition also comes an option for purists to turn off the HUD elements entirely in first person mode and rely solely on cockpit instrumentation.

Also, the popular Colonial Gunship is already upgraded. While also being equipped with an exclusive device: the Missile Turret. This mighty piece of equipment automatically fires salvos of powerful homing projectiles. With a downside of having a longer reload time between shots.

EVERSPACE is finally available now for Linux and Ubuntu via Steam. But Humble Store has a 25% discount for a limited time.

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