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Everwarder play testing kicks off this week

everwarder play testing to start for 2d tower defense game coming to linux mac windows pc

Everwarder play testing to start for 2D tower defense game coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to qLate, the developer, for their innovative and dedicated work. Due to be available on Steam.

Exciting news in the gaming world! Everwarder, a fresh 2D tower defense title with intriguing roguelite features, is due to make waves in a play test. Its unique appeal? It hands over the reins to you, allowing you to illuminate and expand your play area based on how you set up your defenses.

This Friday marks a special moment – Everwarder opens up for play testing, and it’s an open invitation. This isn’t your typical tower defense game for Linux. In Everwarder, you call the shots on how your play space takes shape. The foes you face won’t follow any pre-set paths; their movements are dictated by where you decide to position your defenses. This twist adds a unique layer of strategy.

Everwarder Trailer for play testing

Each world you encounter in the Everwarder play testing is procedurally generated. So that no two games are the same. Challenges vary, keeping you on your toes. The Roguelite progression system is a key feature. Since it allows you to power up your units and unlock new enhancements as you delve deeper.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting: artifacts. These special items bolster your units for each run. When you mix and match these with various units and skills, the possibilities for unique combinations and powerful unit combos are virtually endless in the Everwarder play test.

Your primary foes? They don’t stick to any set paths and will make a beeline for the nearest crystal. This is where your strategic mind comes into play. By designing pathways, you can guide these enemies through a gauntlet of defense turrets, thinning their ranks efficiently. In the play test, those crystals aren’t just targets for enemies; they’re sources of light in the dark expanse of the Everwarder world. They could be the key to eternal light. The shards you collect are precious, so plan your defenses wisely.

As time ticks on, the challenge ramps up, reminiscent of the escalating difficulty in the Risk of Rain series. The intensity only resets when you’re defeated.

The 2D tower defense is due to release in 2024. The Everwarder play test is available to request right now. If you’re eager to take part this Friday, just request access via the Steam page. Due to be available for Linux and Windows PC. So don’t miss the chance to shape this dynamic adventure!

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