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Evil Below the dark FPS horror launches

evil below the dark fps horror game launches on linux and windows pc

Evil Below the dark FPS horror game launches on Linux and Windows PC. Which is the result of the dedication and creativity of developer Fire Raven Studios. Available now on Steam with a discount.

We bring you news that will leave you feeling as if you were breathing through a straw that has been squashed. We are talking about Evil Below. A new terrifying horror game signed by Fire Raven Studios. Along with the help of Play Station Talents and Gammera Nest that will be launched next February 17 for PlayStation 4. If you’re out of breath, pull yourself together, because here comes the novelty. So to play you’ll need something you won’t have enough of: your voice.

Notice that thing floating around you? It’s your shirt, which no longer reaches your body after watching the trailer. In Evil Below, there are few things stronger than maternal instinct. Therefore, if you were a mother and your child was lost in a monstrous purgatory inhabited by hellish creatures, would you be strong enough to rescue him or her?

Evil Below Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

This is the premise that sets the stage for this first-person horror FPS game and its adventure. What is the most unique feature of the game? Even if you fall prey to fear, you will have to solve a multitude of test. All while using the microphone, with your voice.

“The wolf will not let you go and your only way is down”. Creepy dialogues like this one immerse you in a Evil Below world full of nightmares. Silence or words can also lead you to rescue your child or into the jaws of beasts. The character design will certainly make you wonder what the hell the developers ate before working. Since everything looks like the result of the worst digestion in history.

If you gather enough courage, you’ll also be able to explore the impossible landscapes of a large semi-open stage. While you complete tests through puzzles, action, and stealth. Where you’ll have to use both your voice and traditional controls. The problem is that this world already has its inhabitants, so they only want you for dinner.

Featured content:

  • Evil Below has opened wishlists, it will be available on February 17 in digital edition for PlayStation 4.
  • Original mechanics through voice, to enhance the horror genre.
  • Terrifying atmospheres.
  • Creepy enemies.
  • Immersive soundtrack.
  • All in a narrative that takes you to the limit.

Evil Below the dark FPS horror game launches on Steam. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC. Priced at $17.99 USD / £13.94 / 15,11€, including the 10% discount.

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