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EXAPUNKS simulation puzzle coming this month

exapunks simulation puzzle coming this month on linux mac windows

EXAPUNKS is a puzzle simulation game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows on August 9th, 2018. The next big release from developer Zachtronics to hit Steam Early Access.

So the year is 1997. You used to be a hacker, but now you have the phage. You made a deal: one hack, one dose. There’s nothing left to lose… except your life.

EXAPUNKS is the latest open-ended puzzle game from Zachtronics. Who also happens to be the creator of Opus Magnum, SHENZHEN I/O, TIS-100, and more. So now we have a whole new puzzle simulation challenge with some epic features.

EXAPUNKS Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Simulation Puzzle Features:

  • READ ZINES – Learn to hack from TRASH WORLD NEWS, the underground computer magazine. Also tutorials, hacking tips, secret information, searing commentary. TRASH WORLD NEWS has you covered.
  • WRITE VIRUSES – Program your EXAs (EXecution Agents) to tear through networks. While replicating themselves, trashing files, terminating other EXAs — and leaving without a trace.
  • HACK EVERYTHING – Hack banks, universities, factories, TV stations, highway signs, game consoles, the government. Oh yeah, and also your own body.
  • SLACK OFF – Play ПАСЬЯНС, if you hack the server where it’s stored. Or play HACK*MATCH, if you hack the region lock on your Sawayama WonderDisc. Since you can create your own homebrew games for the TEC Redshift. If you hack the development kit.
  • TAKE DOWN YOUR FRIENDS – Compete with your friends by running your programs directly against theirs in all-out hacker battles. Make every cycle count.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN PUZZLES – Create your own networks to hack, and share them with the world on Steam Workshop.

Coming to Steam:

Since EXAPUNKS is coming with a physical zine, which is only available in a Limited Edition. The base game is releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows, priced at $19.99 USD on Steam. Below are the details for the Limited Edition, priced at $34.99 USD with domestic shipping. For international orders, priced at $44.99 USD, also including shipping.

Limited Edition Pre-Order

Therefore EXAPUNKS includes two printable zines. These are also essential to play the game. And to celebrate the launch of EXAPUNKS Zachtronics have a select number of physical zine sets.

This limited edition version of EXAPUNKS includes:

  • An Early Access Steam key for EXAPUNKS ($19.99 USD at launch)
  • Two professionally printed zines full of tutorials, tips, and story
  • A pair of 3D glasses for the TEC Redshift. Also the in-game programmable game console that lets you create your own stereoscopic games
  • A secret envelope we’re not allowed to tell you the contents of. One that is also more exciting than the one that came with SHENZHEN I/O
  • Shipping to anywhere inside or outside the United States

So Steam keys will be available sent via email a few days before the game is released, August 21st, 2018. Which also means those who buy the simulation puzzle Limited Edition in the United States, They are also more likely (but there is no guarantee) to receive the physical components before then.

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