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The Exiled RPG MMO will launch on Steam on February 23rd

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So two years ago, more than 4500 of voters helped get The Exiled through Steam Greenlight. While in those two years players asked when the game will #launch on #Steam. The answer has always been: When the game is ready for it. Now we have great news: It’s nearly ready!

So on February 23rd 2017 Fairytale Distillery will launch The Exiled on Steam via the #EarlyAccess program. From that day on players can enjoy all the benefits of Steam. Since this includes lightning-fast, rock-solid game updates and one-click password-free login.

While this also means that from that date on, the developers will run The Exiled as a live game. This means that gameplay is online 24/7 for everybody. Hence players will not have to wait for Alpha invites and Alpha tests. So everyone can get the game and play whenever they want.

The payment model is dead simple. Since everybody will get to play The Exiled free for seven days. So in order to continue playing, players can buy a Supporter Pack. Hence this will allow you to continue playing as long as you want.

As before, there will be three different Supporter Packs at three different price points: $19.99 (€19,99), $39.99(€36,99) and $79.99 (€73,999). All of these packs issue full access to the game. The bigger ones will add some visual customization options for your characters and other goodies. None of them grant any form of in-game power. So none of this pay to win stuff.

Fairytale Distillery are currently working on a Sneak Preview of the Steam client for our existing Dev Supporters. In the coming weeks before the launch the team will send you Steam keys, granting access to the Steam version of the game so you can give us early feedback.

So yes, go ahead and check out the Steam page and make sure to add The Exiled to your wishlist to get notified on launch day!

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