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ExoColony: Planet Survival to build a future

exocolony: planet survival space colony simulation game coming for linux mac windows pc

ExoColony: Planet Survival space colony simulation game coming for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the brilliant team at Simplemole for crafting this experience. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2024.

In ExoColony: Planet Survival you’re transported to a distant planet, starting underground with only a small group of pioneers. The game is still in development, along with the 1st playable prototype (Alpha version 0.5). Due to having Linux players shape the very nature of this new world. While ensuring it becomes a thriving hub of life and technology.

Your Colonists’ Journey: ExoColony: Planet Survival is not just about buildings and technology. Think of your pioneers as the heart of your new world. Their lives, much like ours, go through stages. They’re born, go to school, form families, work, and eventually retire. As you lead, you must make sure they get the right education, resources, and care they need.

Sustainability Is Key: The mantra in ExoColony: Planet Survival is simple. If you use something, find a way to reuse it. Got waste? Think of how it can be turned into something beneficial.

Every Drop is Vital: On this new planet, water isn’t just a drink, it’s life itself. So you’ll find yourself melting ice to obtain it, then using it to help grow crops. But that’s not all – once used, you find ways to recycle and reuse that water. While ensuring that your colony keeps blooming.

Air is More Than Just Breath: Your planet has its own atmosphere, and it’s not necessarily friendly. As a leader in ExoColony: Planet Survival, you need to ensure that the air your pioneers breathe is safe. This involves changing harmful gases like CO2 into breathable oxygen and making sure the pressure is just right.

ExoColony: Planet Survival Underground

exocolony: planet survival space colony simulation underground

From Nothing to Everything: You start with almost nothing. But through mining and refining, you lay the foundation of your colony’s progress and success.

Keep The Lights On: In this space colony simulation, energy is crucial. Not only do you need to find it, but you also have to store it and ensure it reaches where it’s needed, without any issues.

Innovation at Every Turn: Here’s where your ExoColony: Planet Survival strategic skills come into play. Through research, you get to discover advanced structures and technologies that elevate your colony.

Making Things Move: Drones will be your best friends in ExoColony: Planet Survival. They help transport materials and goods the best, ensuring everything is where it’s supposed to be.

A Touch of Luxury: Your pioneers aren’t robots; they have tastes and desires. Whether it’s a particular food or a luxury item, providing for these not only keeps them happy but also motivated.

Expect Surprises:

Just like in life, you’ll find unexpected challenges thrown your way. Your skill lies in how you tackle and overcome them in ExoColony: Planet Survival.

Make it Yours: The ultimate goal? Personalize this new world. Shape its landscape, change its environment, and make it a second home.

In essence, ExoColony: Planet Survival space colony simulation isn’t just a game; it’s a challenge. Since it blends strategy, care, and imagination. Dive in, and embark on a journey of creation and leadership. Due to make its way onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC via Steam in February 2024.

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