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Exorder release and working on native support

exorder release and working on linux support

Exorder turn-based tactical game release on Windows, now coming to Linux and Mac via Steam. Since we reached out to the publisher over one week ago. Where news about Linux support seemed unsure.

Linux support:

“Regarding the linux port – I just spoke with developers yesterday. The main focus for now is PC and Nintendo Switch. If anything will change and the game will turn out to be a hit, then definitely yes. But for now, not really.”

Since this was the first reply, it seems the plans have changed. According to the Steam Discussions, Linux and Mac support is on the way. While developer Solid9 Studio outlines, “we’re working on both of those – stay tuned.” So it looks like Linux support is now on the way.

For those who do not know, Exorder is turn-based tactical game. Queen Beyla is surrounded by sinister plots and enemy armies. Will she manage to keep her throne?

So revel in that moment when you capture and defend some money-generating buildings. Buying a few units and having them well positioned. And it’s clear – you got this. You control this part of the map. Winning is just a matter of a little push. That moment makes you feel like a tactical genius.

Exorder – First Preview Trailer (Windows, and soon Linux and Mac)

Exorder puts you in this satisfying mindset again and again. The story-driven single-player campaign consists of twelve brilliantly designed levels that throw you surprising challenges. You must find creative ways to even the playing field.

The fiercest clashes are those with human opponents, however. To be a worthy foe you have to constantly try out new tactics and new methods of resource management. We offer up to four-player skirmishes or two-player ranked battles to show off your skills.

The turn-based gameplay gives you time to think. Which unit should I buy? How do I counter the enemy’s minions? Do I need the teleportation skills of Esprit, the support talents of Seer or perhaps the cloning abilities of Illusionist?

With simple yet deep gameplay mechanics and the sunny, gorgeous graphics – what’s not to love?

Exorder Features:

  • Immersive single-player campaign: 12 missions, 12 hours of gameplay
  • Inventive units: teleportation, creating illusions, exploding, you name it!
  • Epic online multi player: instant duels with matchmaking and global leaderboard
  • Custom skirmishes up to 4 players, both online and offline
  • Control the game as you wish: mouse and keyboard, controller or touch screen

Steam release:

Exorder will be released on Steam with a 20% discount for Windows. While the Linux and Mac builds are in the works. Stay tuned for more details.

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