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Explodimals 3D out on Xbox 360, coming to Linux, Android, Mac and mobile

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From one-man game design powerhouse moonkeh, creator of not-exactly-hits Chromatism and Lord Pwnage and the Thoroughly UnBritish Invasion (please don’t look them up; they’re embarrassing), comes the #physics #puzzle – #platform masterpiece, #Explodimals on Kickstater!

Released Worldwide on the Xbox Live Marketplace on 31st October 2013, a Kickstarter campaign is now underway to get Explodimals released on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, PC and Linux in November 2014.

Angry Birds meets Super Meat Boy in surreal 2D physics puzzle platformer Explodimals. Design your own Explodimal then roll, bounce and blast your way through 100 levels, destroying everything in site to collect all the deviously hidden cakes.

It all started with a project to build a 2D physics engine in my spare time. To make testing the physics engine fun, I added controllable bouncy balls and bombs. Over time the balls evolved into weird circular animal faces, with the bombs being fired out of said animals’ mouths. When I needed to come up with a name:


The physics engine was not working and supplanted it with the open source Farseer Physics engine, and over time the concept developed into a full game, with the goal being to collect all the cakes hidden in each level.

  • Fast paced physics-based gameplay
  • Over 180 animal parts, hats and facial features to unlock and add to your own explodimal
  • 100 challenging levels to complete
  • Unique explosion mechanics: send yourself flying with a well placed bomb, blast holes in the level to open up new pathways, or just torment the local wildlife by blowing it up

The biggest new feature will be a level designer that will allow players to create and share whatever crazy rolling, bouncing, exploding, cake collecting ideas spew out of their heads. The exact nature of level-sharing has not been nailed down yet, so it may end up with levels only being shared between friends, but rest assured that if there is a public platform to publish levels, this one won’t be allowed on there.

Aside from a bit of help from a friend with some of the game’s music, I am a one-man team. All design, coding, graphics, and sound (yes, even some of the animal sound effects) are done by me. Obviously this means that if I am struck by lightning, hit by a bus or mauled by a bear, there may be a detrimental effect on the game’s development schedule.

For this reason I will try to stay indoors during storms, look twice before crossing roads and avoid woodland picnics. I hope these assurances are enough to assuage any worries potential backers may have.

For more details, check out Explodimals 3D on Kickstarter

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