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Explore Kairo on PC and Mac this October – Linux comes later

Just stumbled upon some information from GameZone. Kairo caught my attention with the gameplay trailer last month and I am keen to see the final release.
Check it out….


Kairo, a first-person puzzle game from indie developer Richard Perrin, is coming to PC and Mac next month.

Perrin created the point-and-click horror adventure game The White Chamber. His new release, available on October 21, is an “atmospheric 3D exploration and puzzle-solving game” where players discover the lost world of Kairo.

Linux and iOS versions are expected later this year. Players who preorder for $8 can gain instant access to the beta build.

The full game will be released 21st October 2012 for Windows and OSX. Linux and iOS versions due late 2012. You can pre-order today for instant access to a beta build.

Demos are available at the main website. You can also upvote the game on Steam Greenlight.

Source: GameZone

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