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Exploring the mind of Divine in Red Goddess on Kickstarter

What is Red Goddess: Inner World?

Red Goddess: Inner World is a side-scrolling action-adventure #game that takes place on a mysterious planet that is the subconscious mind of the goddess Divine.

Set to come out in March 2015 on Windows, Mac, #Linux, PS4, PS Vita, and Wii U. Already funded and Greenlit on Steam, you have seven days to donate for stretch goals and Kickstarter rewards.

The story revolves around a troubled goddess named Divine. She feels confused and haunted by her past. Something mysterious and unknown is tearing her apart from the inside out, destroying her mind, her soul….and her altogether! Our journey begins when Divine decides to right this wrong by exploring her own subconscious. She will discover a planet within her own mind made up of mountains, forests, caves, and unknown perils.

Discovering who she is, who she was, and what she will become is our quest…..but soon we realize that there is more to this adventure than what we first thought.

Why should you support Red Goddess: Inner World?

What I like about Red Goddess: Inner World is that it has elements of stealth without being a stealth game. Since the planet you’re playing in is actually the mind of the main character Divine, and because it’s hostile, you have to be careful to not get detected. It doesn’t involve sneaking past cameras under cardboard boxes, but in solving puzzles correctly or not getting injured. You’re rewarded for paying attention to your surroundings without the usual split-second reflexes necessary for many stealth games. If you do get detected, it’s not game over, but the planet will attack you and you’ll need to use your abilities to defend yourself.

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Since Divine can split into Rage (fire) or Fear (ice) with different powers, you’ll need to use the right character for whatever situation you find yourself in. Rage has fire abilities and is deadly in combat, but the planet will notice you faster. Fear can turn invisible and possess the minds of enemies to get access to new areas with abilities and memories to recover. Divine can punch enemies with her fists and use martial arts. You’ll have to use all three characters to get past the enemies and puzzles to recover your lost memories and become a true goddess.

It’s the combination of 2D platform gameplay, puzzle and stealth elements, and an interesting story that makes me think Red Goddess: Inner World will be a fun and enjoyable game. The art style is colorful without being gaudy, and the music (listen to some tracks on SoundCloud) does a good job at setting the theme.

Where can I find out more about Red Goddess: Inner World?

The best place is to go to the Kickstarter page where you can donate and learn more about the rewards and stretch goals. Also follow Yanim Studio on Twitch where they will be playing the Red Goddess demo and talking about the game. If you have access to Windows or feel like playing around with WINE, you can also download and play a demo based on a very early development of the game for Keyboard+Mouse or a Gamepad.

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