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Extreme Tag! party game launches Free

extreme tag! casual party game launches free to play on linux mac windows pc

Extreme Tag! casual party game launches free to play on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The impressive outcome of the hard work and dedication from the developers at Explosive Entertainment. Available for all on Steam with 89% Positive reviews.

Extreme Tag! is here, and it’s more than just a party—it’s an adrenaline packed, edge of your seat competition that upgrades traditional tag into a high stakes thrill ride. A free to play with three modes, this Linux title offers something for everyone and ensures the action never gets old.

Let’s start with the Extreme Tag! main event: Tag mode. Someone’s stuck with a ticking time bomb. The goal? Get that explosive off your back by passing it to a rival before it detonates. Since this turns a classic childhood game into a dynamic survival battle. The last one standing? They’re crowned the champion.

Welcome to Infection mode — a twisted twist on the tag formula. In this Extreme Tag! scenario, one individual starts with the bomb. But here’s the catch — instead of passing the bomb, you’re spreading the ‘infection’. Your task? Infect everyone else, or be the last one uninfected to claim victory. It’s a race against time and a test of strategy that’ll keep your pulse racing.

Finally, there’s Hide & Seek. You remember the old-school version? Well, this takes Extreme Tag! to a whole new level. One person is the Seeker, with the rest of the players turned Hiders, given just 10 seconds to find the perfect spot to blend in. But remember, Hiders move slower —this isn’t about sprinting; it’s about stealth.

Extreme Tag! – trailer

Extreme Tag! sweeps you into fast-paced chases through intricately designed, obstacle-laden maps. Where you’re either evading taggers or frantically trying to pass on the ‘tag’ to avoid exploding. With various game modes, you’re constantly pushed to adapt your strategies. Going from carefully timing jumps on moving trains, to sneaking through tunnels.

One of its best features is the custom map creation tool that sparks creativity. Due to allow Extreme Tag! players to explore countless, unique gaming experiences. Its multiplayer component fosters a sense of community and also fuels thrilling moments and unexpected betrayals.

So, whether you’re aiming to outsmart your friends, or simply seeking a fun title for a solo night in, Extreme Tag! offers fresh gameplay each time you play. It’s an exciting escape from reality that can ignite laughter and a sense of friendship. Think of it as a virtual, high-stakes version of tag where the excitement never fades.

Of course, no casual party title adventure would be complete without the chance to express your style. In Extreme Tag!, you can customize your character’s outfit right down to the shirt, pants, and shoes. Plus, the virtual store stocks an array of hats, with one thrown in absolutely gratis. Unleash your creativity, experiment with colour themes, and bring your personality to the forefront in this exhilarating interactive experience. Trust me, it’s a blast!

This casual party game is available free to play on Steam. Along with native support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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