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Ezaron Defense tower defense support in the works

ezaron defense tower defense support in the works for linux gaming with windows pc

Ezaron Defense tower defense support in the works for Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to recent details from indie developer studio RVL Games. Which officially leaves Early Access via Steam. Still holding 97% Positive reviews.

Their classic 3D tower defense fantasy game, Ezaron Defense gets a full release. Of course, this also prompted some eagerness to look into Linux support at this point. As a result, the Steam Discussions reply looks promising.

Yes, we are working on this, too.

Since Ezaron Defense is developed in Unity 3D, a Linux port should be a given. Of course, post Early Access is usually the best time to hunt down developers who only offer Windows PC builds. But really, Linux is the more stable platform for singleplayer tower defense fantasy gaming. We all know this.

Ezaron Defense Alpha Trailer

In Ezaron Defense you will have to fight with hoarders of dark creatures. Doing so as you customizing your defensive strategy. This includes over 50 upgrades and a mighty array of magic spells.

So when the Rift opened up, magic slipped into the world. It also releases gruesome creatures with harmful powers. Fight with hoardes of dark creatures. All while customizing your defensive strategy with different tower upgrades and features.

In this Tower Defense game you have four basic towers. Ezaron Defense will allow to upgrade more specialized ones. Customize them towers with up to 20 special abilities. Using things like Poison and Fire Arrows. Maybe even Missiles and Bombs, Electricity and Arcane Magic, and many more. Since there over 50 upgrades with a nice array magic spells. There is no end to the many strategies and choices available at your disposal.


  • Fight with hoarders of dark creatures
  • Customize your defensive strategy
  • Different tower upgrades and specializations
  • Customize them towers with up to 20 special abilities
  • 50 upgrades and a mighty arsenal of magic spells

The full version of Ezaron Defense contains 20 levels in the Campaign mode. Plus there are also 4 more ‘Endless’ bonus levels. These include achievements, more perks, a monsterpedia. Plus improved music and sounds. The full version of the game is priced at $11.99 USD / €9.99 / £9.29 on Steam. Plus a 13% discount until April 22nd. Offering support for Windows PC, but a build is coming in Linux gaming.

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