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FACEMINER Demo lets you test your system

faceminer demo releases for the story driven management sim game on linux mac windows pc

FACEMINER Demo releases for the story driven management sim game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This success can be attributed entirely to the skilled team at Wristwork. Available to play on both Steam and itch.

If you’re into trying out a demo, you might want to check out FACEMINER. The release from the creative team at Wristwork gives you a chance to play right away. This early look lets you take on the first 45 minutes of what the full Linux release has to offer.

The FACEMINER demo is takes place in a time when people were optimistic about technology in the ’90s. It’s not just about having fun; it’s also about managing a complex setup where you build a system for processing biometric data. Think of it as starting from zero and working your way up to creating a huge network. Due to collect a huge amount of data about people’s facial features.

You’ll be in charge of upgrading your equipment and systems. While managing a storage facility, and even getting involved in some sketchy deals to offset carbon emissions. All of this is wrapped up in an old-school corporate software setting. Which also adds a unique twist to your tasks.

FACEMINER – Demo Launch Trailer

The challenge here isn’t just about building and expanding your setup. You also have to handle the pressures of working within a company and dealing with competitive market forces. Your goal is to become a top player in the industry of facial data. All while improving your skills from basic data sorting to full scale automation.

The FACEMINER game demo pushes you into scenarios where you have to manage crises. Such as running out of storage or dealing with server issues. All while keeping an eye on the broader impact of your actions, like global warming. These elements make each decision vital as you aim to avoid a game ending disaster.

Moving up in your career means learning and mastering faster ways to process and sell this data. It’s a tough world where every choice can have big outcomes.

Alex Taylor, the studio lead, explains that the project started as a research project focused on the environmental toll of massive cloud computing setups. The FACEMINER demo uses the concept of rapid growth to demonstrate how competitive and expansive this field can be. While showing the huge scale and high stakes involved in modern data handling and AI training.

So, if you’re apt to a management sim that challenges you to think. Including your outlook on technology, data, and environmental issues all at once, the FACEMINER demo would be be worth a look. It’s not just about playing; it’s about taking on and managing a complex, high stakes settings. Available to play on both Steam and itch. The full release is due in Q4 2024 on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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