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Facepunch Studios announce survival simulator Before


#Rust developer Facepunch Studios #announced its next #game, a survival sim called Before.

Set in the stone age, Before is the brainchild of London-based indie developer Bill Lowe. It features colourful minimalist graphics. Little is known about its gameplay, but the official site said that you “guide your tribe through the challenges of a harsh and unforgiving pre-historic world, shaping their culture and defining their history.”

Not only must the tribe hunt and forage each day, they must also protect their young, fend off wild animals and battle the elements.
Even through the hardship and the pain, a resilient people will flourish. As the group’s numbers grow and they settle the land, the ways in which they interact will change. Hierarchies and power structures take root, beliefs form and rituals emerge.

The only footage available below is from IGN:

Before will be developed with Unity and is currently set for release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

For more details and updates, follow the project directly here on Twitter.


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