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Faction wars hits the online action of Star Conflict

faction wars content update hits star conflict in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Faction wars content update hits the online action of Star Conflict in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment. Which is available now via Steam and the official website.

The release of a major Content Update 1.8 “Faction Wars” is available for the space online action Star Conflict. Large scale war in Open Space is going to take place. So players are preparing for the upcoming battles by collecting new ship components and weapons. The new 17th rank Relic destroyer is now part of the game. Along with two more high level ships joining the battles very soon.

Faction wars will be a three sides battle between Jericho, the Empire and the Federation. All trying to take control over artifacts left by the failed alien invasion. Since the political situation is very unstable, no shots have been fired yet. This event is divided into two stages, and for now. Pilots are getting ready for the fight by completing faction tasks and unlocking ship components. As well as pre-built ships, weapons and cosmetic items.

In Faction Wars, there are 40 levels in each stage. Likewise, only the owners of a special Pass can unlock all levels. But every first and fifth level will be available to all pilots.

Star Conflict 1.8.0 Faction Wars. Stage one

Therefore, to get the reward, you need to unlock the desired level. In order to gain access to the next reward, you need to go through all the previous stages. You can join a stage at any time when the stage is available.

Players that complete all the tasks will get an option to assemble a new Relic destroyer. This ship was built using alien technologies. And also comes ready with a heavy G2 gauss gun.

Purchasing a “Faction wars. Stage 1” battle pass will allow the players to get even more prizes. So you can better prepare for the upcoming battles.

Seasoned pilots may also participate in the new brutal “Fight club” brawl. Free for all battles take place in the Velorum star system. Plus the Seed Chips modifications are allowed.

Finally, the special New Year bundles “Cyber-Santa Dart” and “Cyber ​​Santa Gargoyle”. These come with premium parts and cosmetic items and are now available. While the Star Conflict world itself is also full of decorations, such as Christmas trees and other New Year content.

The full information about this major content update is available on the official website. Including support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC

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