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Fail to Win to bring hilarious deathtrap puzzles

fail to win to bring hilarious deathtrap puzzles to linux mac windows pc

Fail to Win to bring hilarious deathtrap puzzles to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Ty Kennington. Who is due to release the madness on Steam in June 2020. Check out the first chapter below.

When you first check out Fail to Win. Everything seems so abusive. But these are also part of the quirks of the game. While you work your way through technical hilarious deathtrap puzzles. Learning about the secrets of a world going through an identity crisis? Wait, what!?

I checked, its true. In Fail to Win, death is your friend. Since your avatar suffers, you, the player will live on. But you also have to bare with the crazy ragdoll corpse to progress. Which means using a combination of timing and precision. Not to mention using keen observation and ingenuity too.

Fail to Win Trailer

The Fail to Win challenges focuses on the idea of game state. So you can continue after a respawn. And you can reach a new checkpoint even in death. Clear traps by sacrificing one of your avatar’s infinite lives. Even respawn mid-ragdoll-flight to fly away from the checkpoint, in the same direction. So basically, the solution to every problem is to hurl your puppet at powerful explosives.

The game will include the following:

Fail to Win allows you to return after death. You know what I mean, it lets your avatar Everett return. The game itself, however, has a few unique traits. Everett is able to return to a checkpoint. That does not mean everything else returns with him. Since you can pull off crazy ragdoll corpse stunts and solve deadly puzzles.

You can also play the first chapter of Fail to Win on This should last about 20-40 minutes. Available with builds for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
The full game will bring more hilarious deathtrap puzzles in June 2020. So make sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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