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Fallen A2P Protocol turn-based strategy released

fallen a2p protocol turn based strategy launches for linux mac windows pc

Fallen A2P Protocol the #postapocalyptic turn-based strategy RPG just #released on Steam for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Red Katana raised funds for the project on Kickstarter for further development, exceeding their $75,000 goal.

The story takes place in the near future, in a drastically altered dystopian world. In 2125 mega corporation GENKORP unveiled A2P, a new power source to fuel humanity’s thirst for expansion and satisfy the needs of an ever-growing global population. GENKORP quickly rose in influence and fashioned itself the ultimate military-industrial complex, controlling access not only to the primary source of global energy but also crafting a military force that easily dwarfed all others.

Known as ARKANE, and quickly branded as ‘terrorists’, this opposition group organized around a common principle: stopping the unchecked growth of GENKORP and halting Fallen A2P Protocol.
As Fallen A2P Protocol’s dark side quickly manifested: Earth’s weather was altered forever, with ‘natural’ disasters ravaging the planet, reshaping it and turning much of the world into a what is now simply known as ‘The Dust’, with reinforced but devastated cities and military strongholds scattered throughout. Fierce endless fighting persists between GENKORP and ARKANE.

Fallen A2P Protocol Features

  • Deep turn based tactical combat: Old school Action Points system, Looting within missions, melee combat and dozens of weapons to choose from and more.
  • Limited ammo and resources: Make every round count and think twice before your shooting spread.
  • Destroyable environment: Destroy cover, walls, cars, graves, barrels and more and make your own paths, or why not kill an enemy that was passing by.
  • Rich story and dialogues: Linear story with voice over actors. Complete the Main Quests to finish the Story or do some side missions in between, your choice.
  • RPG Character progression and skills:: Customize your characters with 20 active and passive skills to choose from, master each weapon type by using it.
  • Adapt to changing events and weather conditions: Adapt to different weather conditions on the battlefield and overcome the penalties to win the mission.

Fallen A2P Protocol released on Steam with a 10% discount for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

More details about the team and the game are available on the official website, as well as Twitter and Facebook.

About Red Katana

Founded in 2010 by Martin Cao in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Red Katana develops and publishes games and digital content for multiple platforms across a wide variety of genres. Apple featured the indie company’s most recent title, mobile strategy simulation Evil Fight Club (published by 505 Games), in its “Best New Games” category in over 40 countries. In addition to creating unique gaming IP, the company also works with organizations including UNICEF, Newscorp and PepsiCo to develop branded content.


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