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Fan creates Half Life 3 in Garry’s Mod that is Free to Play


#Valve has not said a single word on the existence of Half Life 3, which has left many within the #gaming #community clamoring for more of the story of Gordon Freeman. The ending of Half Life 2 left off with a cliff hangar, of course, and no one understands where the story is supposed to go since development has not been revealed for the third entry. Well, one fan grew annoyed by the lack of an announcement from the game development studio, so they took matters into their own hands.

Using the ever-popular moddable game, Garry’s Mod, one Half Life 3-hopeful fan decided to create what could potentially be the future story for the inevitable release. According to the AutooMobile, the story being told within the modded version of the game will begin 10 years after the ending seen in Half Life 2. The Combine have retreated from numerous cities across the world, and many of these have been liberated.

This eager fan recreated the entirety of Black Mesa within Garry’s Mod, plus maps from Episode 2, all in one. The data from your exploration of this Half Life 3 stand-in will save so you may continue exactly where you left off should something come up in the real world.

The creator of this decided to do something with the rumored story for Half Life 3 based of off what everyone thought might happen after the cliff hangar in Half Life 2. Rumors of a connected storyline between the Half Life franchise and Portal 2 have been surrounding the game, as many believe the two are interconnected in some capacity.

This modded story of Half Life 3 is available completely free-to-play for anyone who owns Garry’s Mod.

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