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Fantasy browser game looking for quest designer & story writer MMO

Team name:
There is no team name. Individual names: Roman and Marko.

Project name:
Cohorts of Kargonar

Brief description:
A first impression is important: you can check out our YouTube channel.
We have developed Cohorts of Kargonar for two years. Since September 1st we’re in Closed Beta. We’re in a content filling phase, mainly creating quests and populating the world.
In the game you walk around with your Cohort and quest. Your Cohort is your hero and up to 5 additional fighters. Another central aspect of the game is your village – you build up your village and unlock various abilities this way. Further there are trade, message, guild and other systems.

Target aim:
Creation of more game content

We are students, unfortunately we can’t afford to pay you.

Is not really relevant for this job, but would be: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (we use Mootools), PHP, MySQL on linux distribution.
In terms of quest creation: Your tools and resources will be:

– game account
– game wiki (
– Great, expandable quest & event editor. (screenshot1, screenshot2)

Talent needed:
Story writer, quest designer, someone who has his fun with fantasy games and has a game designer heart.
We have a long-term position in mind.
Further, we’re located around GMT+2 (Western Europe), so something which isn’t completely off that time (i.e. which would allow Skype talks) would be suitable.

Team structure:
So far there our team consists of me (the only programmer, project leader) and Marko (graphic artist, story writer).

See the YouTube link for some ingame footage.

Please email me if you’d like to jump at the opportunity or request more info. [email protected]

Previous Work by Team:


We’re looking forward to your reply!

Kind regards,