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Fantasy Farming: Orange Season has a big update

fantasy farming: orange season has a big update for linux mac windows pc

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season RPG has a big update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks for developer Tropical Puppy. The building romance game developer is still going strong via Steam Early Access and

Farm life RPG Fantasy Farming: Orange Season has received a big update. This introduces a new fishing system. Also some new new villagers and a new type of farm animal: sheep. The friendly Orange Town even welcomes several other improvements. Due to the new ways to manage farm animals, new wild animal behavior and improved graphics. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam. Which after 3 years of development, has 94% ‘very positive’ rating out of 186 user reviews. With the new update, players get to re-discover the charming Orange Town.

Therefore, welcome to an improved Fantasy Farming: Orange Season. So look for the five completely new villagers. Players can now befriend Mia, the new vet. While being able to buy exotic items from a traveler called Shinnosuke.

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season Early Access (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Players can also meet Gary, an old traveler that comes to Orange Town. Available time to time in Fantasy Farming: Orange Season. Who can sell fishing supplies and give fishing challenges. The new fishing system anticipates well to this. Since there are dozens of new fish added. Oh, there are two ways to catch fish now. First using a quick cast of the fishing rod over the shadow of a fish in the water. Likewise, they they can wait for a fish to bite anywhere else. The latter requires a bit more time, but will bring greater rewards.

Furthermore, players can now use a bell to call their farm animals in and out of their coop or barn. Sheep have also been added, so players will be able to sell wool from now on.

A few of the new changes in the update:

  • Improved the graphics of trees, animals and mountain areas.
  • Redesigned festival locations
  • Added 4 completely new villagers to Orange Town: Gary, Yumiko, Shinnosuke and Kaori
  • Expanded possible interactions with Orange Town Villagers: Martin, Mia and Prince
  • Added portraits for every villager
  • Fantasy Farming: Orange Season has a new brand fishing system with dozens of new fish
  • Changed the way wild animals behave once tamed. They now have a regular routine and they sometimes will leave gifts for you
  • Added new barn and coop interior
  • Added sheep to the game, which introduces wool
  • You can now pet farm animals and talk to them as your voice soothes them
  • Implemented changes to the way farm animals are managed
  • Added wind animation on trees

Overall, the Fantasy Farming: Orange Season update includes plenty of interesting changes. As well as further improvements to discover. Such as wind animation on trees and added sound effects. While including footsteps, and improved graphics of trees, animals and mountain areas. The full list of patch notes can be found on the Steam page.

Since Fantasy Farming: Orange Season RPG has a big update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. You can pick up the game priced at $13.99 USD. Available on both Steam Early Access and Also take note, your itch purchase includes a Steam key.

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