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Fantasy Strike fighting game now releases

fantasy strike fighting game now releases for linux mac windows pc

Fantasy Strike fighting game releases for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Sirlin Games. You can check it out now, since the games available on Steam.

Fantasy Strike is the new fighting game from David Sirlin. The lead design of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. While punching its way out of Steam Early Access.

Fantasy Strike is a deep tournament game. Since this is great for hardcore genre fans. While being an introduction to the genre for newcomers. The design philosophy focuses on helping players. This also makes the often opaque aspects of the genre clear. And also remaining understandable. But helps players get to the strategic, decision-making phase. So that competition becomes more thought out.

Beginners benefit from in-depth video tutorials for all 10 characters. They are only five minute videos in Fantasy Strike. So they get to the point for each fighter. Also available via a slick interface in the Learn section. Which you can find int Main Menu.
They are also narrated by game director David Sirlin. So that novices and experts alike all benefit from frame advantage visual effects. Never seen in any fighting game before.
This imagery shows with each hit who will recover first and by how much. While teaching players which attacks are risky. It even shows moves can be safe, depending on timing and spacing.

Fantasy Strike Cinematic Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

The online play system seeks to further innovate in the genre. Since Fantasy Strike allows one click challenges from the in-game friends menu. As well as one click spectating of any friend.
The Ranked Mode uses built-on-the-fly tournaments. A team battle system unlike that of other games. This is designed to create maximum variety in character matchups for the community. Since the network code itself uses the excellent GGPO technology. While using a proprietary latency hiding tech. So that you will have smooth online play. Not bad for a fighting game. And we have native support.

Fantasy Strike also ships with a variety of single player modes. Including a traditional Arcade Mode with beautifully-illustrated story sequences. Plus four Survival Modes and Daily Challenges. Plus a very solid Boss Rush mode. Where players build a deck of powerups against increasingly powerful AI bosses.

“I think it’s exciting that Fantasy Strike delivers as much or even more depth than players are used to in this genre while only needing a fraction of the complexity to do it,” said David Sirlin, game director, Sirlin Games. “We look forward to welcoming new faces into the community now that the game is available on consoles and in full release on PC.”

Fantasy Strike fighting game releases on Steam. Priced at $29.99 USD / €32.99 / £28.99 / $46.99 AUD. Supporting English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, and Japanese language options. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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