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FAR: Lone Sails support may be coming later

far lone sails post apocalyptic adventure support may be coming later to linux

FAR: Lone Sails is a 2.5D post-apocalyptic adventure for Windows and Mac, but may be coming later to Linux. Since the games expecting to release on May 17, 2018. Along with the release of the atmospheric vehicle adventure game. There will also be a digital artbook and soundtrack available. These will be separate DLC’s or bundled with the game in a digital collector’s edition.

But what about Linux support? We reached out to developer Okomotive for positive feedback.

Linux support:

“The game is made with Unity. As for the Linux port: unfortunately, it is not planned at the moment, but who knows what the future holds 🙂 – we definitely hope, we’ll be able to add Linux support later on!”

Something similar as also issued via the Steam Discussion post. Such as, “Maybe at a later date.” So this is not a NO, but a “not for launch” release. Which is interesting for a Unity game that is not an Early Access release.

FAR: Lone Sails – Gameplay Trailer (Mac, Windows, later Linux)

On a separate note, FAR: Lone Sails’ Creative Lead Don Schmocker draws inspiration from a wide variety of works. Stephen Biesty’s “Incredible Cross-Sections” was a major source of inspiration. As well as Theo Jansen’s “Strandbeest”. Movies like “Das Boot” or “Mad Max II” and games like “Journey” influenced the game’s art style and concept.

The game’s world is almost completely devoid of life. Which leaves the players feeling lost. Its art style emphasizes this feeling of loneliness by making use of scale: A tiny character passes by enormous wrecks; remnants of days long past are scattered throughout vast and barren landscapes that the players need to travel across. The limited color palette with different shades of grey, red, and blue, creates a cloudy, lonely, and sometimes even eerie, atmosphere.

Music plays an integral part in creating the subdued atmosphere in FAR: Lone Sails, as well. To let players dive deep into the game’s mood acoustically, its evocative orchestral score will also be available as a digital download. Composer and sound designer Joel Schoch recorded 21 original tracks along with a group of orchestral musicians. That makes for about 53 extra minutes of dwelling in the game’s musical world.

Steam and Humble Store release:

So both the game and the DLC’s will be available on Steam,, and the Humble Store from May 17, 2018.

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