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Far-Out first-person hardcore survival release delayed

far-out first-person survival release delayed for linux mac pc

Far-Out is a #hardcore first-person #survival quest for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence an #adventure with dynamically changing gameplay. Made with the old-school quests such as The Dig, Space Quest, Another World and Blade Runner in mind.

So players follow the lone survivor of the Selene’s crew, geneticist Zack Paterson. Hence you have to find out what happened to the ship, the crew, and how to survive. Will you escape?

Far-Out Features:

  • Intense flexible and dynamic gameplay, resulting in 6 possible endings!
  • Incredible music compositions that matches the intense gameplay!
  • Retrofuturistic environment
  • Any decisions may reduce your span of your life in the game.
  • Control the ship with the Lira operating system.
  • Old school adventure games meet new age mechanics and graphic fidelity.

Hence there are dozens of other things that you’ll have to discover on your own!

So Far-Out developer Escapism Artworks has delayed the release this month:

“Currently, I’m working on very complex component which will be a key point in whole project, also trying to optimize the game for old machines and fix all bugs that spotting during this process. It taking longer then I expected, but please understand, this is a pilot project, and I’m pushing really hard to make it the way it’s supposed to be, to perform quality and playability on your displays.
Anyway, everyday project is getting closer to be completed and I just ask you to have a little patience.”

While no specific release date has been set, we are keen to see the first-person survival released. However development takes time, so getting that release build right is the obvious intent here.
Which is a disappointment, we were expecting to see a Linux release available on day-one.

Far-Out will be available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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