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Farewell North adventure aims at Proton

farewell north open world exploration adventure game with proton on linux via windows pc

Farewell North open world exploration adventure game aims at Proton for Linux via Windows PC. Which is also the impressive creative one developer, Kyle Banks. Working to make its way onto Steam.

Indie publisher Mooneye Studios and developer Kyle Banks proudly announce their emotional adventure game Farewell North. Which is due to be playable at Gamescom this year.

Farewell North is an open world exploration adventure. Where you play as a border collie on a journey with his owner through the Scottish highlands. Exploring by foot and canoe, collie Chesley is doing his best. Due to bring color back into his owners life. Since this is a moving story about depression and grief. Which is slowly unveiled as his beloved owner has a chance to heal.

Farewell North is being developed in Unity. While we’re not planning a native Linux port we have been actively testing Linux throughout development through Proton. The game runs perfectly on Proton, and I know it’s not the same as a native port but given the tiny development team (aka just me!) it’s really the best I can promise for now.

This is the email reply from developer Kyle Banks. It’s a pleasure to see that Unity 3D is being used for Farewell North development. Sadly, there is no Linux porting coming, but we can expect Proton support. Since the developer is a one-man show. With an obvious focus on Linux and even the Steam Deck. But, you have to admire the reference to a native port.

Farewell North – Official Game Trailer

You can explore several different islands and their theme in the game. All at your own pace while solving some light puzzles. As well as remembering the events of the past. These are things that led to your human falling into depression.

Farewell North has been in development by solo developer Kyle Banks. While working closely with his community via his Discord server and regular dev logs on Youtube. The developer now joins the Mooneye Indies family for additional support in bringing the game to life.

“After pursuing game development as a hobby for many years. I decided to go all in and develop my first commercial game, Farewell North, after I had moved to Scotland in 2019. And was inspired by the beautiful landscapes. Going into the final stretch of development, I’m so happy to have Mooneye’s support. And cannot wait to finally release Farewell North next year! Fingers crossed!”, says developer Kyle Banks.

When the game releases next year, you’ll be able to spend around 5-6 hours exploring. But be aware, there might be a need for some tissues for some players.

Wishlist Farewell North the open world exploration adventure on Steam. Due to release on Linux via Proton with the Windows PC build and Mac.

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