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Farm Together brings the experience to Steam

farm together simulation comes to steam early access in linux mac windows games

Farm Together releases on Steam Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the games focus is about growing your own farm. Which you can do either by yourself or cooperate mod. Hence a friendly and unique, but relaxing farming experience.

Since Milkstone Studios are the developer behind Avatar Farm (Xbox). The adventure of Farm Together should be no surprise. Bringing about the ultimate farming experience. Which seems more like a 3D version of Stardew Valley.

Farm Together Trailer (Linux, Mac and Windows)

So players start from scratch, with a small plot. And hopefully end with a huge farm. Since it could extend further than the eye can see.

Players will have to grow crops, plant trees, take care of the animals. Also spend that hard-earned money on new buildings. While also buying new items for your farm. This will earn experience and unlock even more items and buildings. Which is also kind of like Cities: Skylines gameplay. So maybe not exactly, but you get the idea.

Since you have to manage your farm all by yourself. This means you bring friends into the experience. While leaving you the option to open it to the public and start cultivating together. If it’s anything like Rust gameplay, that can go in a different direction.

As expected, you will have plenty of customization items available. So things like fences, roads, buildings, decorations. Show your gardening and decoration skills to your neighbours. Why? Well because… that’s why.

So don’t forget about your clothes. Customize your avatar and your tractor to your liking. Which brings me to a more Rocket League type vibe. Well maybe a Batman themed John Deere tractor. Then go show off the creation at friends farms.
Actually, I’m thinking more tractor pull to be honest.

“Game price will remain constant during Early Access. We don’t plan on offering discounts until the game exits out of it. Once it happens, price will probably increase. We also usually give our Early Access supporters a reward once the game exits Early Access. In the form of DLC or older games of ours.”

Steam games:

Farm Together is available now priced at $14.99 USD for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since this will only be for the Early Access period on Steam.

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