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Farmer Supreme Zelda-like farming sim is funded

farmer supremethe Zelda-like farming sim funded for linux gaming mac and windows pc

Farmer Supreme the Zelda-like farming sim is funded for Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to pledges to help developer Sombrero Cat bring the game to life. With 3019 backers and total funding of $10,760 USD (107%).

So for those who don’t know, Farmer Supreme is a top-down Pixel Art game. One that also mixes exploration and adventure in a Zelda-style. Sort of a farming sim meets Harvest Moon type. Since it’s your main goal to become the next Farmer Supreme. But to do so, you need to find and plant all the cultivable crops. Whatever is available in the world, so you can level them up. Some crops will be hidden in secret areas. Others will be guarded by creatures. Some will be rewards from helping the townsfolk. And as a result, some will even be in the depths of Big Bosses dungeons.

Farmer Supreme Trailer

In order to become the last Farmer Supreme. It’s your goal to find and plant all of these Cultivable Crops. And as result, Upgrade the crops you will need to acquire Fertilizer. Which mostly comes solely from Creature Drops. Different Levels need different kinds of Fertilizer. But the catch is, you cannot fight! Meaning gameplay focuses on three main activities. These are Farming, Exploration while finding ways to defeat or avoid Creatures.


  • Farming simulation.
  • World exploration.
  • Open world.
  • Non linear story-line.
  • Different ways to accomplish a task.
  • No fighting abilities in Farmer Supreme.
  • Use of different creatures/NPCs and/or Items to Defend and Attack.
  • Use of mini-games to handle some “battles”.
  • NPC Trust/Relationship system.
  • Puzzle solving to unlock areas/items.
  • Different ways to play.

Farmer Supreme was just an idea Sombrero Cat thought up around 2 years ago. And since the campaign has ended. There are a couple of interesting Stretch Goals the developer wants to include. With plans to make some a reality. So you can expect more to be added to the game. But Sombrero Cat should setup a further funding option on the official website. The last Kickstarter update mentions deductions and finding a place to live.

Therefore its a pleasure to see Farmer Supreme the Zelda-like farming sim is funded. Due to release on Steam in November 2021. Coming to Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC.
Even though the total funding is complete. You can still see the Roadmap on the Kickstarter page.

In the mean time, you can follow on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. You can also join the official Discord.

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