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Fast Dust is a racing game coming to Steam

fast dust is a racing game coming to steam for linux and windows

Fast Dust is a racing game for Windows that is also coming to Linux via Steam. We reached out to developer Binary Giants for more insight into the game. Since the release is coming on August 22nd.

Linux release:

“Yes, there will be Linux port, probably within a few months.

At 22nd August will be full launch (on Windows).”

So this is not an Early Access release. But the game engine of choice is a given, Unity 3D. Therefore Binary Giants intends to release on Windows, fix issues and then port to Linux. Being that this is Unity, one would expect a day-one release, but alas.

Fast Dust is also comes with 10 unique cars to choose. The whole style of the game resembles the movie Death Race for me. But there are no battle cars or fighting in game, just racing. So that means, what you see in the trailer below is what you get. Which also puts me on the fence. Seeing it’s a straight forward racing game.

Since these cars are neither new nor shiny. This gives the illusions of something else. But they comes full of true character, heavily battered, with a specially reinforced structure. Having also survived many collisions and still have power under the hood.

There are 70 racetracks to cover in varied terrain, total of 270 miles (430km). As a driver of these amazing vehicles, you will have the opportunity to test yourself on the forest roads, in the canyon and in the old factory town. The condition on the road will not always be ideal, get ready for rain, snow, fog and night drive. On some routes, you will discover shortcuts that will allow you to gain an advantage over your opponents and win.

Fast Dust Official Launch Trailer (Windows, then Linux)

There are 4 types of race:

  1. Standard – a race against several drivers, the goal is to take first place;
  2. Elimination – a race against several drivers, there are gates on the route, the last driver is knocked out on each gate, in order to win you have to reach the last gate first;
  3. Checkpoint – you drive alone, on the route there are gates that you have to reach in a given time, a win allows you to move to the next race;
  4. Countdown – you drive alone and you have to reach the finish line in a given time, by winning you prove that you are ready to compete with better drivers;

By winning the race, you unlock various upgrades to purchase, such as:

  • Speed Tuning;
  • Acceleration Tuning;
  • Turbo;
  • Shortcut Maps;

You can choose Career Mode, Quick Race, Multiplayer and Online Multiplayer in the game.

When can you play the racing game?

Fast Dust will be available on August 22nd, 2018 via Steam for Windows. While the Linux release for the racing games is in the works. This will not be a day-one release.

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