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FAST DUST racing has a Linux and Mac build

fast dust racing games linux and mac build

FAST DUST is a racing games available on Linux and Mac. Developer Binary Giants finally expand platform support. Releasing for Windows back in August. We finally have native support on Steam.

FAST DUST comes with 10 unique cars to choose. These cars are neither new nor shiny. But they have a true character, heavily battered, with a specially reinforced structure, they have come out of many collisions and still have some power under the hood.

There are 70 racetracks to cover in varied terrain. With a total of 270 miles. As a driver of these amazing vehicles, you will also have the opportunity to test yourself. Doing so on the forest roads, in the sandy canyon and old factory town.
The FAST DUST conditions on the road will not always be ideal. So get ready for rain, snow, fog and night drive. On some routes, you will also discover shortcuts. Letting you to gain an advantage over your opponents and win.

Since you are a new driver. Start building your position in the ranking of the 155 best drivers. You start from the last position. There are 154 drivers and you have to beat them all in FAST DUST. Before each race, your buddy Harry, who is piloting your career. Sends you details about the number of opponents. Also different weather conditions and possible shortcuts.

By winning the race you gain not only a higher position in the ranking. But also money (virtual), which allows you pay the entry fee, before each race.

FAST DUST official Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

An additional source of cash are bets in which you can participate before the race. The stake is either cash or a car. Be aware that you can also lose the bet. In order to have additional cars in the garage. You have to win the bet, so the risk sometimes pays off.

By winning the FAST DUST race. Unlock various upgrades to purchase:

  • speed tuning;
  • acceleration tuning;
  • turbo;
  • shortcut maps;

There are 70 racetracks to drive (270 miles / 430 km,), in 3 different locations:

  • old factory town
  • forest
  • canyon

Different weather conditions of FAST DUST:

  • rain;
  • fog;
  • snow;
  • day;
  • night;


There are 4 types of races in FAST DUST:

  1. standard – a race against several drivers, the goal is to take first place;
  2. elimination – a race against several drivers, there are gates on the route, the last driver is knocked out on each gate, in order to win you have to reach the last gate first;
  3. checkpoint – you drive alone, on the route there are gates that you have to reach in a given time, a win allows you to move to the next race;
  4. countdown – you drive alone and you have to reach the finish line in a given time, by winning you prove that you are ready to compete with better drivers;


So in this mode you choose any car from the garage. This also means any race track you want. Your favorite race type (standard, elimination, checkpoint, countdown).


In this mode you can race with friends. Or with the games currently available online. Up to 7 people can participate in a single race.

So now that FAST DUST is available on Linux and Mac. The games available for $19.99 USD on Steam.

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