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Fate Hunters roguelike card games launch date

fate hunters roguelike card games launch date for linux mac windows pc

Fate Hunters the hardcore roguelike card games launch date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of
Tower Games. The games going due to launch this month on Steam.

Fate Hunters is currently in Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So the games now due to launch on July 18th. Which has been in Early Access since September 17th, 2018. However Tower Games feel the card games ready for launch. This will also bring dozens of new cards to the game. As well as new monsters, a new boss, and a lot of balance improvements.

Fate Hunters is a hardcore mix of strategy card battles and a roguelike adventure. While you build your deck. You also explore the dangerous dark fantasy world and face fearsome foes. Then risk your life to get powerful treasures.

Fate Hunters New Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Fate Hunters blends a singleplayer deck builder and a roguelike adventure. So choose your character and craft a unique deck. Then risk exploring the mysterious Tower.
But also be prepared for a dangerous journey. Your path to the Master is filled with tough monsters. And also a few cunning bosses.
Face them in tactical card battles. While you avoid deadly traps. Conquer powerful treasures. Whatever it takes on your way to the top of the Tower.


  • You won’t be prepared in Fate Hunters . Each Tower level is procedurally generated with random items, weapons, and skills. Each run features unique challenges.
  • Building your deck is tricky. Your items, treasures, weapons, and skills go to the same desk. Balance your cards and be ready for everything!
  • Death awaits on every corner. Wounds, Poison, and Curse cards permanently stick to your deck on every run. Find ways to get rid of them!
  • High risk – high reward in Fate Hunters. You can exit the Tower on every level and take your treasures to safety. Or risk losing everything and try to get even more!
  • Dark fantasy art. Explore the hand crafted grim world of the Tower.

Fate Hunters releases of Early Access with a July 18th launch date. The games also on Sale, discounted 25% on Steam. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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