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Fates Divided new chapter pack due to get support

fates divided is a new chapter pack for total war: three kingdoms due to get support for linux mac windows pc

Fates Divided is a new chapter pack for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS due to get support for Linux and Mac beside Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of developer Creative Assembly. Slate to make a debut next month on Steam.

Fates Divided is the next dynasty defining Chapter Pack for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS. The content also takes place ten years after the turbulent events of the main campaign. Players will bear witness to the bitter end of a once great friendship. Which happen to take place between two of the foremost warlords of the period. All while they fight to control the future of China.

Forge a new empire with an army headed by two of China’s mightiest warlords. Both the merciless Cao Cao and the powerful Yuan Shao. Each with their own unique motivations and stories to tell from the 200 CE timeline. In Fates Divided you will follow them into the battle. While using era defining warriors such as Ye Vanguard Spearmen. As well as Xiongnu Noble Cavalry and Qingzhou Halberds. Plus the chance to control the elite Northern Army should you claim victory over your adversaries.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Fates Divided Announcement Trailer

Players can also embark on a new cross generational campaign as Liu Yan. A man of great ambition and strategy. While he attempts to establish a legacy for his family in the shadow of the Han Empire. Use his unique aspiration mechanic to set the stage for his son Liu Zhang’s eventual inheritance. Then reap the rewards of your father’s hard work. or watch as his best laid plans crumble under your care.

The release of Fates Divided will usher in a sizeable free content update. to all players of THREE KINGDOMS including faction reworks for Cao Cao and Yuan Shao. A new Imperial Intrigue mechanic. Also improvements to the Faction Council in Total War: THREE KINGDOMS and much more.

More information on the Fates Divided Chapter Pack can be found on the official FAQ here.

Pre-order Fates Divided is available for pre-order $9.99 USD/£7.99/€9.99 plus a 10% discount via Steam. Due to release on March 11th for Windows PC. While Linux and Mac support is due to release shortly after.

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