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Fates of Ort retro fantasy RPG release date

fates of ort retro fantasy rpg game release date for linux mac windows pc

Fates of Ort the retro fantasy RPG game has a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer 8BitSkull. The games due to launch this month on Steam.

Fates of Ort is the new indie retro fantasy RPG. The games also has an intriguing time based combat. Including life consuming magic and its all due to release on March 31st.

Fates of Ort is a strategic RPG. But you also have to plan your moves when time is frozen. Which all takes place in an open world full of adventures. Magic is a powerful force in this world but it consumes life. Therefore, this makes for a challenging and very original adventure. Not to mention a fresh take on the genre.
This is also a tale of sacrifice and difficult choices. Since you are in a world under threat of annihilation. All being done by the greedy force of Consumption magic.

Fates of Ort – trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Gameplay Features:

  • Fight
    Magic is powerful, but it is not free. Every spell you cast requires a little bit of your life energy to spark it. Cast enough spells and you will extinguish your very soul in Fates of Ort. This means you need to be strategic when fighting. While balancing the cost of magic with the risk of taking damage from your enemies.
    How each spell manifests in the world depends on what divine power you choose to combine it with. For example, the Evoke Force spell will cause the ground to erupt with a series of sharp ice crystals. Maybe summon a thunderous lightning strike, or barrage the ground with a meteor shower. All depending on what the spell is combined with.
  • Stop time
    Use the magic spells at your disposal to defeat the demons spilling out from the underworld. In Ort, time is frozen whenever you stand still. This means you have the opportunity to plan your attacks in Fates of Ort and be strategic.
  • Loot and level
    Like any RPG, you will be slaying enemies to collect loot and experience. The items you pick up will improve your magical abilities. Although some come with curses. As you level up, you will learn additional magic spells to use against your enemies.

Exploration and Quests:

  • Explore
    Ort is varied and expansive, an open world for you to explore. Choose the order of the quests you pursue, or just explore to meet new Fates of Ort characters. The final battle is available whenever you choose. But… are you also strong enough?
  • Quests
    Play as a novice mage who has to take on the responsibility of saving the world. And also those that are important to you. Finish quests to gain access to new areas. Save and unlock allies, gain items and powers, and more. Replays are welcome because small decisions can have permanent and significant consequences. While leading to different game outcomes.

Fates of Ort retro fantasy RPG is due to release March 31st. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The price is going to be $14.99 USD plus a 10% launch discount.

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